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Axial Bulbs 1.5 volt 1mm 50ma 25 pieces

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These 1.5 volt axial bulbs are a fraction the size of our popular micro bulbs and meet the challenge of even the smallest lighting projects. Ideal as light sources for both 1/4" and 1/2" scale miniatures.

Both size axial bulbs may be operated in parallel either from a 1.5 volt battery pack for from our CK1009G 1.5 volt transformer. The larger diameter CK1010-19 bulbs are electrically balanced and may be operated 12 in series across a 12-volt transformer.

The bulbs may also be used in model railroading for locomotive number boards or classification lights as well as interior lighting for smaller scale cars. 1,000 hour bulb life.

The price reflects a 20% discount off the suggested retail price

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